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MetroFlow: Corporate Member Launch Seminar


BioLegend Apotracker

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  • Kenta Yamamoto, Ph.D.



Annexin V staining is a widely established method to detect apoptotic and necrotic cells. However, Annexin V staining procedure exposes cells to specialized binding buffers that contain high concentration of Calcium ions, which itself induces undesired cytotoxic effects. We introduce our novel ApotrackerTM️ reagents, which bind to phosphatidylserine exposed on

apoptotic and necrotic cells through Calcium-independent mechanisms. ApotrackerTM️ binding can be performed in standard flow cytometry staining buffers, reducing cytotoxicity risk from the use of specialized buffers. In addition to probing for cell death, ApotrackerTM️ has paved way for additional innovative reagents and applications, including our dead cell removal kits,

and extracellular vesicle identification on leukocytes post-immune response in vitro and in vivo. Thus, Apotracker provides a variety of advantages over existing Annexin V staining-based methods, and is poised to become a new standard in measuring cell health.



You can find more information about on BioLegend's website:

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