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2010 Winter Meeting

2010 Winter Meeting Speakers:


09:45-10:30         Mario Roederer, PhD. Vaccine Research Center, NIH

  “Evaluating T cell vaccines for HIV and Tuberculosis”


10:30-11:15         Tom Denny, MSc.  Duke University

 “HIV Vaccine initiatives in the US and Abroad”


11:30-12:15         Brian Grimberg, PhD. Case Western Reserve University

“Expansion of malaria flow cytometry to identify new

  compounds with parasite stage specific activity”


01:45-02:30         Lynn Dustin, PhD. Rockefeller University

“Hepatitis C virus infection, immunity, and extrahepatic manifestations”


02:45-03:30         Smita Srivastava, PhD. New York University

“Evaluation of innate immune responses during

  M. tuberculosis infection”


03:30-04:15         Howard M. Shapiro MD.  President, Howard M.Shapiro, MD. PC.

 “Cytometric Approaches to TB and Malaria - There's No

Time Like the Present!”


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