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2019 Regeneron - MetroFlow Flow Cytometry Vendors Day

April 30, 2019




Bio-Techne  - Bill Kleinberg  & Howard Spiegel

"Automated Protein Analysis and Characterization: Single Cell Western Blot & Improved Precision in ELISA"


DeNovo Software  - Sean Burke

"The FCS Express Difference – Getting Results with Integrated Spreadsheets and New Reporting Tools"

Nexcelom  - Ning Lai, PhD

"Interrogation of advanced in vitro cancer research models using high throughput image cytometry"

Bio-Rad  - Jared Rice

"Fast and Furious Flow,  Screening and Automation Integration on the ZE5 Cell Analyzer"

Cytek  Biosciences  -  Monica DeLay

"High Quality Multicolor Flow Cytometry – How full spectrum cytometry allows you to see the whole picture"

BD Biosciences  -  Geoffrey Osborne

"Technical aspects of developing the FACSymphony S6: a high parameter cell sorter"

Cytobank  - Geoff Kraker

"Analysis Tools for the Next Generation of Cytometry"

BioLegend -  Ashley Cornett, PhD

"Simultaneous Proteomics and Transcriptomics - TotalSeq™ and The Future of Single Cell Analysis"

FlowJo  - John Quinn, PhD

"Genomic Cytometry: A deep dive into heterogeneous cell populations using AbSeq and SeqGeq"

Beckman Coulter  - Dominic Therrien

"Switching to Dry Reagents to Optimize your Immunotherapy Workflow"

Miltenyi Biotec - Tanya Anderson

"REALease Removable Antibodies: Applications in FACS, high content imaging, and beyond."

NanoCellect  - Michał Bonar, PhD

"Microfluidic FACS applications"

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