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MetroFlow: Corporate Member Launch Seminar

Akadeum Life Sciences

Microbubbles and Buoyancy Activated Cell Separation technologies.

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Brian Bauereis, Ph.D.


Dead cell and red blood cell contamination is a common problem that has a negative impact on downstream applications like cell separation, cell culture, cell therapy, or single cell sequencing. Existing methods for dead cell depletion (DCD) and red blood cell (RBC) depletion can be harsh on delicate cells of interest, yield too few viable cells, or have too high a cost or time investment to be practical. There is a strong need for fast, easy, and gentle processing to remove dead cells and RBCs that can enable the use of samples that would otherwise be discarded, and Akadeum’s next-generation Buoyancy Activated Cell Sorting (BACS) microbubbles offer a revolutionary, buoyant approach that delivers more cells for better science. Using a streamlined 3-step workflow (mix to bind, spin to separate, aspirate to remove) that’s fast to perform and exceptionally gentle on delicate cells of interest, you can retain more of your precious cells to bring to downstream processes.


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