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MetroFlow: Corporate Member Launch Seminar

Phitonex showcasing their NovaFluor fluorescent labeling technology and NovaFluor-conjugated antibodies.

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During this event, Phitonex will be showcasing their NovaFluor fluorescent labeling technology, as well as introducing their new line of NovaFluor-conjugated antibodies.


Please find details below:



  • Mike Stadnisky, Ph.D.

  • Seddon Thomas, Ph.D




Phitonex will reveal a very big leap in fluorescent labels for biology. In this seminar, they will describe the launch of more new fluorescent labels at one time than have been released in the past 10+ years in our field. Additionally, they will describe their work in how new fluorescent labels and engineered and how they are expanding the applications of the NovaFluor labels. Lastly, Phitonex will launch NovaFluor-conjugated antibodies. 



You can find more information about the NovaFluors at Phitonex's website:

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