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MetroFlow: Corporate Member Launch Seminar

Astrolabe Diagnostics

Detecting Differentially Expressed Biomarkers in Complex Flow Data using Astrolabe

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El-ad David Amir, Ph.D.


Analysis is the greatest bottleneck for researchers who are using high-complexity cytometry. As more markers are added to the panel, there is an exponential increase in the resources required to analyze the data (operator time, bioinformatics expertise, computational power, etc.) Furthermore, there is growing interest in the detection of differentially expressed biomarkers, such as PD1, CTLA4, and others. Join Dr. El-ad David Amir, Astrolabe's founder and CEO, for the launch of our new Differential Expression (DE) Analysis module. This new feature identifies significant trends in marker expression across experimental conditions, such as changes in cytokines and chemokine receptors across stimulations or the quantification of activation markers (i.e., CD69) in response to infection. Using past features along with this new module Astrolabe will significantly reduce analysis time while identifying novel trends in your data.

You can find more information at Astrolabe Diagnostics' website:

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