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MetroFlow: Corporate Member Launch Seminar

Proteintech Group

Nano-Secondaries reagents

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Dr. Klaus Herick


Nano-Secondaries are a novel class of secondary antibodies for higher resolution & cleaner images. They consist of Nanobodies/ VHHs that bind to primary antibodies with high affinity in a species and subtype specific manner. Nano-Secondaries are conjugated to Alexa Fluor dyes in a site-directed manner with a defined degree of labeling. They enable higher resolution in immunofluorescence, fast one-step immunostaining with no cross-reactivity to IgG of other frequently used species and subtypes. Furthermore, Nano-Secondaries can be used in flow cytometry and are called Nano-CaptureLigands when biotinylated to gentle immobilize immunoglobulins for SPR, BLI, and ELISA assays.



You can find more information about on Proteintech Group's website:

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